GH Growing Up Whole World Market And Strongest

GH Growing Up Whole World Market And Strongest

Date:Aug 14, 2018

Philips Products Inc., the manufacturer of windows and doors for the manufactured housing, recreational vehicle and residential markets, is being closed down by its parent company, Tomkins PLC.  The decision came after attempts to sell Philips Products over the last 15 months failed to produce a buyer, according to a company officials.

"This was not a decision taken or made lightly but one made in the best long term interests for Tomkins PLC," a press release notes.  It also states that WARN notices are being given to the majority of Philips 675 employees on Thursday, June 4th.

“This decision is not a reflection upon the employees of Philips as all employees have continued to 'do the right things' while providing high levels of customer service and quality products during what have recently been very challenging times,” said Ron Mason, Philips president, in a notice sent to customers.

Philips shut down one factory , GH never use that way to fixed , we still growing up and open a bigger market for my own ,for the market responsibility.

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