Fireman Warns You Should Never Leave Your Child’s Bedroom Door Ajar At Night

Fireman Warns You Should Never Leave Your Child’s Bedroom Door Ajar At Night

Date:Feb 26, 2019

A fireman has shared a eye-opening image, warning parents about an every day occurance that could be putting their kids at risk each night.

A firefighter has warned parents they could be risking their children’s lives by leaving their doors open at night.

The emergency responder, who is a parent themselves, sympathised with how difficult it is to get kids to sleep with the door closed, but stressed how it could mean the difference between life or death, according to The Sun.

They said: “As a parent it’s hard to convince little kids to sleep with the door closed, they always want it open just a little.

“I do a lot of fire prevention at schools, so one thing I try and stress to the kids is, how important it is to sleep with the doors closed.”

The Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department shared a photo of a door from the inside and the outside — and the pictures speak for themselves.

The outside is blackened and scorched, while apart from some charring around the door frame, the inside 

Sharing on their Facebook page, they wrote: “The photos below are a great example of the importance of keeping bedroom doors closed while sleeping.

“The door pictured in both photos is a hollow core door to a bedroom.

“While the front of the door is severely damaged, the closed door protected the bedroom and its contents.

“If this were an occupied bedroom the closed door could have saved a life.”

Sharing the photos with permission from the family, they assured the “homeowners and family dog” were all doing well.

The post has since gone viral, racking up more than 5000 shares online.

People thanked the fire department for sharing the photos, and it stressed: “Smoke detectors should be placed in both common areas and bedrooms of the house!”

One person said: “This is a good thing to show the kids, and get a new night light situation instead.”

A second person commented: “Thanks for sharing a pic truly worth a thousand words.”

And a third wrote: “This is important info, generally unrecognised.”

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