Fire Rated Door Definition

- Oct 30, 2018-

We stock fire rated doors, frames and hardware. The purpose of a fire-rated door is to hold back smoke and contain fire long enough for the occupants of a structure to escape. The term fire rated indicates that the door, when installed properly, is not supposed to combust during a specific time period in the average fire. Fire rated doors are made from durable, fire resistant materials like metal or mineral core. Standard time ratings will vary from 20 min. – 180 min. according to the occupancy of the area in which the door is located. Certain buildings or remodeling jobs often require a fire rated door. Installations like public buildings, office buildings, in living spaces like dormitories and in exit stairwells regularly call for fire rated doors. If the door is not closed, it can’t hold back smoke or contain a fire. As a result, plans may call for an automatic shut mode if fire is detected. Other doors are required by law to be self-closing with a latching lock so that they will be kept shut at all times, except in an emergency exit. When installing fire rated doors, lives may depend upon the installer’s ability to adhere to all specifications required to maintain the fire rating.