Fire Escape System In Hospital

Fire Escape System In Hospital

Date:Oct 27, 2020

1) Demand for quick escape in emergency

When danger occurs, a place with a large flow of people like a hospital is likely to cause panic escape, and a reasonable escape route. Barrier-free escape facilities are directly related to the life safety of the people inside the building. For example, the escape door and evacuation door of the hospital are equipped with an escape push rod device. In an emergency, push the push rod at any position to open the door, thereby realizing rapid evacuation.

2) Ensure that the exit door leaf is automatically closed and locked when a fire occurs, and requires fire and smoke prevention

Most of the common products on the market have only passed the fire protection inspection, but in actual use, either the function design is wrong, and the normally open fire door is designed as a normally closed emergency fire door; or the door leaf and hardware are mostly damaged, resulting in no real fire protection. Therefore, our precise configuration can achieve fire and smoke prevention.

3) Convenience requirements for daily use functions

In the medical building, the functions of each area are different, which leads to the different functions of each door. For example, the access door with access control is conventionally configured as a standard lock, but it is easy to cause the door body to be damaged when the door is closed due to the rotation of the square tongue. In this case, a more reasonable way should be to configure a channel lock, which only fixes the door body through the inclined tongue, and the magnetic lock is responsible for the locking function, which saves budget and is more convenient to use.

4) Regional high security needs such as drugs and information

The equipment, medicines, information, finance, storage and other areas of hospitals have high security requirements. In many commercial buildings in China, ordinary civilian-grade locks are often used instead of commercial-grade high-security poor core locks. The service life is not up to the requirements, and the European standard/American standard lock with higher security coefficient is adopted to ensure the safety of the place of use to a greater extent.

5) Humanized barrier-free traffic demand

Medical buildings have higher requirements for humanity. For example, considering the passage of the disabled, the door closers with delay function used on some doors can appropriately extend the time of automatic door closing as needed.

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