Fire Doors, Do You Understand?

Fire Doors, Do You Understand?

Date:Oct 27, 2020

Nowadays, there are more and more high-rise buildings everywhere. These high-rise buildings are often criss-crossed with passages. Once a fire occurs, the fire will spread along these passages, and smoke will spread everywhere, making it extremely difficult for fire personnel to escape and for firefighters to extinguish the fire. At this time, we need a device to prevent the fire from spreading through the passage inside the building and ensure the safety of the fire evacuation passage. This device is a fire door.

According to the state of use, fire doors can be divided into two types: one is normally open and automatically closes in the event of a fire. This type of door is called a normally open fire door; the other is normally closed and needs to be opened when someone is walking. , This kind of door is called normally closed fire door. Among them, the normally closed fire door has a shortcoming: the place where the fire door is installed is usually the passage where people often walk, and the normally closed fire door is usually closed, which causes certain contradictions. Especially in large shopping malls with a large flow of people, if a normally closed fire door is installed in the evacuation stairwell inside, the fire door will soon be damaged and fall off due to frequent opening and closing, which will not play a role in fire prevention and cause fire hazards. Therefore, in special occasions such as evacuation stairwells, normally open fire doors should be installed, which are usually open. In the event of a fire, various sensors are used to control the door closer to close.

During fire safety inspections, fire protection agencies often find that the fire doors installed on the evacuation passages in some buildings do not meet the specifications: some do not have door closers, some fire glass is broken and damaged, some parts are severely damaged, or even some Stuck by other items. Once a fire occurs, these fire doors cannot play the role of fire prevention and smoke prevention. According to the requirements of national standards, fire doors used for evacuation passages should have the function of quickly closing in the event of a fire and open in the evacuation direction. Locks and bolts should not be installed; double or multiple fire doors with spigots must be required It can be closed smoothly; the fire door release device or temperature control release device must be configured according to the specification, so that the fire door can be positioned and opened at ordinary times, which is convenient for people to walk, and can automatically and accurately reset in the event of a fire.

According to the material, fire doors can be divided into steel fire doors, wooden fire doors and inorganic fire doors. For wooden fire doors, special attention should be paid to the fire-retardant treatment of wood. The steel fire door is made of cold-rolled sheet steel, and the production process is entirely mechanical processing. Since fire doors must be both fireproof and beautiful and decorative, in addition to ensuring strict production processes, steel fire doors must be treated with rust prevention, painting or plastic spraying.

Inorganic fire door is a new type of fire door product, usually filled with inorganic materials such as vermiculite or ammoniated magnesium gypsum in the frame, and non-combustible or non-combustible decorative panels are pasted on the outside. This kind of product is beautifully decorated and has many types, which has a great development prospect.

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