Fire Doors Are Safety Barriers, Owners Are Advised Not To Replace Them

Fire Doors Are Safety Barriers, Owners Are Advised Not To Replace Them

Date:Nov 04, 2020

Mr. Hu, the owner of a certain community, has been very depressed recently. When he was decorating a new house, he found that his door was a bit "special".

"The neighbor's house installed an anti-theft door with several latches, but my house installed a fire-proof door with only one latch. Why are the same floors being treated differently?" Mr. Hu wondered about the developer's approach.


   Most people think that security doors are safer than fire rated steel door.

        Mr. Hu said that the house was handed over at the end of last year. When he renovated the house this year, he found that the nameplate of the entrance door of his home was marked with "insulation fireproof door", while the two doors on the opposite side were marked with "anti-theft safety door".

The reporter found that the door of Mr. Hu’s house was thinner than the two opposite houses, and that Mr. Hu’s door had only one latch, while the neighbor’s had five latches, and Mr. Hu’s door also had an "S" posted on the door. Type logo.

   The reporter visited the community and found that in Building 3 and Building 4, there are also fire-proof doors and anti-theft doors on the same floor.

   Ms. Wang, who is renovating a new house, said: "The safety of fire doors is definitely not as good as security doors. I plan to replace the entrance doors with security doors."

   The owner, Mr. Zhang, thinks: "I think it is certainly reasonable for developers to install different types of entrance doors. The fire prevention problem is solved, and theft prevention becomes a hidden danger."


  The entrance door is designed according to the floor structure

   Why are the residents in the same building installed two types of entrance doors? Found the developer of the community. A staff member surnamed Shang said that due to the special design of the floor structure, the community is equipped with two different types of entrance doors.

   The staff member explained that the entrance door of Mr. Hu's house is facing the front room, so fire doors must be used. The two households on the opposite side have a fire door in front of their entrance, so they are installed with anti-theft doors. Regardless of whether the fire door or the anti-theft door is installed, it is designed in the drawing design stage, and has passed the acceptance of the relevant departments, and all comply with the specifications.

   Regarding the safety of fire doors questioned by the owners such as Mr. Hu, the staff member said that the primary function of fire doors is fire prevention, and theft prevention mainly relies on the management of the entire community, and a single entrance door is not enough.


   Consumers prefer security doors

   Merchants said that the vast majority of consumers choose entry doors that require good anti-theft performance, and few consumers specifically buy fire doors.

   In a store that specializes in selling entrance doors, some of the replaced entrance doors are placed in the corners of the store. These entrance doors have anti-theft doors and fire doors.

"Fire doors and anti-theft doors have different standards, so fire doors and anti-theft doors are different in materials and structures. Fire doors are filled with flame-retardant and heat-insulating materials, while the interior of anti-theft doors is mostly Some soundproofing and supporting materials.” A merchant introduced, “Fire doors are mainly for fire prevention, and their aesthetics and anti-theft are not as good as anti-theft doors, so many owners will replace the fire-proof doors installed by developers with anti-theft doors."

  【fire Department】

   The fire door is a necessary safety barrier, it is recommended that the owner not replace it

   Regarding the installation of the entrance door, reporter Zhu Weiguo, deputy chief of the engineering acceptance section of the fire brigade.

Zhu Weiguo said that the "Code for Fire Protection Design of High-Rise Civil Buildings" stipulates that unit houses on the 19th floor and above should be equipped with smoke-proof stairwells. The entrance of the stairwell should be equipped with an antechamber. The doors of the antechamber and stairwells should be Install Class B fire doors and open them in the evacuation direction.

Mr. Hu’s new house is a 20-story high-rise, and the entrance door is facing the front room, so the entrance door must use a Class B fire door, and there is a fire door between the entrance door and the front room of Mr. Hu’s neighbor’s house , Its entrance door can install anti-theft door.

   In response to the phenomenon of many owners replacing fire doors, Zhu Weiguo said that fire doors have the functions of flame retardancy, heat insulation and smoke isolation that ordinary anti-theft doors do not have. It uses filler materials such as perlite, rock wool, calcium silicate board, etc., which have strong fire and heat insulation properties.

   At the same time, the fire door is equipped with a fire-resistant expansion sealant strip that is not available in ordinary anti-theft doors. This strip can expand after encountering high temperatures, filling the gap between the sealed door and the door frame, and blocking the smoke generated by the fire. If the home entrance door is equipped with a fire door, in order to ensure fire safety, it is best not to replace it at will.

   Zhu Weiguo suggested that if you are unsure about the anti-theft of the entrance door, the owner can choose some fire-proof entrance doors with better anti-theft performance and fire protection product safety certification.

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