Fire Doors And Escape Windows-indispensable For Escape From Fire

Fire Doors And Escape Windows-indispensable For Escape From Fire

Date:Oct 27, 2020

Fire doors and escape windows are an important part of fire protection facilities and play a key role in fire protection. In the event of a fire, the fire door can effectively isolate the dangerous fire and smoke in time, and the escape window can help people trapped in the fire to escape from the fire scene, but in real life many people disagree and regret it when it really causes a disaster Don't worry.

In recent years, with the strengthening of people's anti-theft awareness, anti-theft windows can be seen almost everywhere in various business premises and residential buildings. However, anti-theft windows protect the people's personal property and personal safety, but also bring some security risks. Because in the event of an emergency such as a fire, the sealed anti-theft window will not only prevent people from escaping in time, but will also delay the rescue time of firefighters and increase the difficulty of rescue.

In some places where escape windows are set up, if there is a sudden fire and the corridor is sealed by the fire, then residents living on the lower floors can climb and escape, while residents living on the upper floors can also stand at the windows and wait for firefighters to rescue.

The fire rescue brigade reminds the general public that once a fire occurs, the stairs and other passages in the premises may be blocked by dense smoke and fire. Especially for some business premises, if no fire doors are installed, the fire and smoke will quickly spread to the accommodation area , Very dangerous.

What is the role of fire doors? In the event of a fire, the first one can block the flow of smoke to the upper level, and the second one can block the fireworks and buy time for the families upstairs to escape. There is no fire door installed. Once a fire breaks out, the smoke will spread to the accommodation area upstairs for the first time. In the process of escaping, once the toxic smoke is inhaled, people will lose consciousness and easily cause casualties. If there is this fire door, once a fire breaks out, this fire door can effectively block the smoke outside the fire door, and personnel can gain a lot of time to escape inside.

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