Fire Door Must Have A Good Door Closer

Fire Door Must Have A Good Door Closer

Date:Jun 06, 2019

“NFPA 80 A.3.3.7 Automatic-Closing Door. Closed fire doors protect open spaces in buildings and homes against the spread of fire and smoke. Automatic-closing doors are normally open, and while they are very reliable, lack of periodic maintenance, blockage, continuous exposure to natural elements, moisture, and dust may cause them to malfunction when needed. It is therefore desirable that these doors are closed even when the buildings are unoccupied.”

Choosing a reliable and good door closer is never easy, and buyers tread with even more caution when it comes to fire doors. They have different priorities in mind and the deciding factors generally boils down to the following categories:

Different doors, Different door closer?

Indoor or Outdoor

Frequency of Opening and Closing

Clearance Problem

Total Cost

Opening Force

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