Fire Door Hardware System That Is Easily Overlooked (1)

Fire Door Hardware System That Is Easily Overlooked (1)

Date:Oct 27, 2020

A fire door is a combination of door + hardware. A qualified fire door not only requires the door to meet the fire protection standard, but also the supporting hardware such as door closers, hinges, door locks, sequencers, and bolts. Reach the matching performance standard, otherwise the damage of a hinge during use will make the whole fire door fall short. It can be said that the hardware system is an important guarantee for the long-term durability and high quality of the overall fire door system.

Taking hospitals as an example, modern general hospitals have more complicated internal requirements than other buildings. In addition to focusing on safety and convenience, it also has the following characteristics: open 24 hours a day, with a large flow of pedestrians; different identities of people entering and exiting, and different health conditions; public areas, diagnosis and treatment areas, inpatient areas, logistics areas, storage areas, etc. Numerous functional areas; various security protection entities such as life, environment, equipment, medicine, information, and finance. Faced with such complex functional requirements, if the door control function is not rationalized and customized, it is easy to cause product function misuse and damage due to many inconveniences during use. This requires professional door control hardware consultants to carry out refined design of the fire doors in the entire building and establish a reasonable and complete overall door control hardware configuration plan.

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