Fire door production process

Fire door production process

Date:Jun 26, 2019

The date of the visit factory is May 28-31, 2019.

The leader is a senior employee of the company.His name is zhanghao.

After we arrived at the factory on the morning of the 28th, Captain Zhang led us to arrange the accommodation under the arrangement of the factory logistics leaders.In the afternoon, Captain Zhang led several of our new employees to visit the company's main product, the steel fire door production process.Our factory is occupying total area of 100,000 square meters, 50,000 square meters of plant and warehouse, 6,000 square meters of office and R&D center.The production process of steel door fire doors is as follows:

1,New material àWarehouse-in-inspectionàMaterial ready for use,

2.Cutting the door skins



5.Punching and drilling


7.Phosphating spray 

8.Frame shaping

9.Welding component

10.Polyfoams painting

11.Core filling

12.Door shaping

13.Door welding




17.Finally, the packaging is delivered according to the customer's requirements.

We new empolyees is surprised by Our factory .It is really the biggest fire door manufacturer in China.

The next day ,we visited our company's  all kinds of the steel fire rated door's sample.No doublt,we also visit the hardware.Such as lock,hinge and closer.Every hardware has many kinds.

The third day ,we  went to the factory to work hand-in-hand and experienced the production process of steel doors.I was personally arranged to experience labor in the process of installing brushed glass and polishing the door leaf.

The last day,in the morning, our new employees checked their vacancies. If you look at the production process of the factory, you should go to the factory. If you carefully observe the samples of the steel door, you should study it carefully. The question is to ask Zhang Hao and other leaders. After lunch, we returned to Dalian to work by car.

It was a full-scale factory internship trip.

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