Electrostatic Spraying Process Of Steel Fire Door

Electrostatic Spraying Process Of Steel Fire Door

Date:Sep 22, 2020

As we all know, after the fire door is produced, the surface of the door frame and door leaf must be colored. Spraying, as a technical means of color treatment, plays an important role in assisting the fire door body to achieve multiple color standards.Today, Dalian Golden House Door and Window Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will talk to you about the electrostatic spraying technology of steel fireproof doors.

In terms of technical terms, the process used for spraying on the surface of steel fire doors is called electrostatic spraying, and some people are also called electrostatic spraying. It is a set of assembly line operations using powder spraying equipment. When powder spraying equipment sprays the surface of the fire door, when the sprayed layer on the surface of the 180 mins fire door reaches a certain thickness, the electrostatic repulsion effect will occur, and the sprayed layer can no longer be adsorbed, so that a uniform layer will be formed on the surface of the fire door. coating. After spraying and molding, the fire door is sent into the curing furnace, and the preset high temperature of the curing furnace can be used to melt the coating and solidify the surface to form a hard coating. After being released from the furnace, it is the fire protection we see daily Door finished product.

Commercial fire door

Through the electrostatic spraying process, the surface of the commercial steel door can reach a uniform color standard, so someone will ask, it is also possible to spray the surface of the fire door, why use a complicated electrostatic spraying process? This is because the electrostatic spraying process does not require dilution treatment and primer treatment of the material, so that not only the construction operation is simple, the technical requirements of the workers are reduced, the production cost is reduced, and the damage to the external environment and the operator is greatly reduced. 

In the national regulations on steel fire door standards, there are also certain requirements for its appearance. The appearance of the fire door needs to be flat. The surface towel of the fire door made by the electrostatic spraying process not only has good appearance and adhesion The strength is high, the construction period is short, and more importantly, the wear and corrosion resistance of the spray coating is super strong. Even after a long period of use, the appearance of the fire door will not change, and it is truly beautiful as new.

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