Door Stop Price

- Jul 14, 2019-

Kenya, the Republic of Kenya, is located in eastern Africa, with the equator running through the central region and the Great Rift Valley running north and south. It borders Somalia in the east, Tanzania in the south, Uganda in the west, Ethiopia and South Sudan in the north, and the Indian Ocean in the southeast. The coastline is 536 kilometers long and covers an area of 582,646 square kilometers. 18% of the country's land area is arable land, and the rest is mainly suitable for animal husbandry.
The whole area is located in the tropical monsoon region, but due to its high terrain, it is a tropical steppe climate with a large difference in precipitation season. The highest temperature in the year is 22-26 ° C, the lowest is 10-14 ° C.
In order to consolidate the already occupied African market, it is more important to further develop the fire door market in other African countries. The company's leadership finally decided to start this year, and if there are no surprises, the biggest exhibition in Kenya every year will try to participate. More African customers are added. After all, Africa is currently experiencing rapid economic growth and is increasingly connected to the Chinese economy.