Do You Know This Glossary Of Doors Part 9

Do You Know This Glossary Of Doors Part 9

Date:Apr 11, 2019

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Strike    A metal part with a hole or recess for receiving a door latch. It has a curved or ramped face so that a spring-loaded latch contacts it when closing. Strikes are fit into mortises in doorjambs or mullions, and screw-fastened. 

Tempered Glass      A glass sheet, which has been strengthened by heat processing. 

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Threshold   Another term for sill. The horizontal part of a door assembly, fixed under the door panel and bearing on the floor. 


Triple-Glazed    An insulated glass assembly made of three thicknesses of glass, with air spaces between the outer and inner thicknesses. 

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Veneer A thin film or facing, adhesively bonded to a core or substrate, which makes up the exposed and decorative face of an assembly. 

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Wired Glass      Glass made for use in fire doors, which has embedded wires which bind the glass, and permit the glass to remain solid when exposed to fire. 

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