Do You Know This Glossary Of Doors Part 5

- Apr 11, 2019-

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Glazing:The elastic material used to seal glass to a surrounding frame. 


Grille:For doors with glass lites or inserts, a removable face-mounted assembly of thin wood or plastic pieces, which when in place, gives the lite or insert a patterned multi-pane look. 


Grooved Glass  :Glass, which has been decorated with abrasively routed recesses. Grooving can give a single piece of glass a multi-paned look. 


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Handing:    A term, which describes or determines the direction of swing of a door when opening. 


Head, Head Jamb:  The horizontal top frame member of a door assembly.


Header Clearance  :The clearance between the top edge of the door and the head jamb. 


Hinge   An assembly of metal plates and a cylindrical metal pin, which when fastened to a door edge and to a doorframe, allow the door to swing or rotate in its frame. 


Hinge Pattern   The dimensions that locate the hinges on the door edge. 


Hinge Sizes      The distance across the hinge, measured parallel to the hinge pin. 


Hinge Stile The full-length vertical pane of a door, at the side or edge of the door, which fastens to its frame with hinges.