Do You Know This Glossary Of Doors Part 4

- Apr 11, 2019-

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Electric Strike:A mechanism, which allows a switch to open the latch of a door. 


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Faceplate Mortise:The pocket in the edge of the door that is mortised to receive the faceplate. 


Finger Joint:A way of joining short sections of board stock together, end to end to make longer stock. Door and frame parts are often made using finger-jointed pine stock. 


Fire Door:A door of a construction type, which has been tested to contain the spread of fire from one room or occupancy area to another. Fire doors are listed and labeled to show their ratings in terms of time, i.e.,112 hour, 1-112 hour, etc.


Flush-Glazed:A type of glazed door which has its glass perimeter moldings flush with or set down from the face of the surrounding door. 

Frame:In door assemblies, the perimeter members at the top and sides, to which the door is hinged and latched. See jamb.