How To Distinguish The Quality Of Steel Fire Doors?

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Steel Fire Doors?

Date:Sep 02, 2020

When you buy a fire door, if you want to buy a steel fire door, you must pay more attention to two points in the selection process, so that you can know how to buy a better fire door.

What material is the steel fire door?

During the purchase process, you must know how they fit together. Good doors like this, their entry door frames, door frames, and door panels are made of steel, and they will be filled with other materials, but you will find that they are all It is the most non-toxic and harmless material to the human body. If you buy a very poor material, it is likely that the barrier material is harmful to the human body. So, at this point, you must learn more about their materials. How was it. At the same time, you can also understand how their accessories are. A good fire door is made of fireproof hardware, because it has a certain degree of fire resistance.

How do we choose the products produced by fire door manufacturers? First of all, we have to look at the appearance of the fire door to see if the appearance of the fire door is flat and whether the quality inspection is qualified? In addition, the surface of the wooden fire door should be clean and smooth, free of burrs, and the joints should be smooth and tight.

The product selection principle of fire door manufacturers is the size of the fire door, and there are also specified dimensions for the thickness of the door. In addition, the size of different types of fire doors is also different. Choose the appropriate door size according to our own needs, and also stipulate the fire protection The overall size of the glass, its actual thickness should be greater than the described thickness.

Sealing strip is one of the important standards to measure the quality of fire doors. For products produced by good fire door manufacturers, the sealing strips should be the best. In addition, the sealing strip should be straight without arches, and conform to national standards for quality inspection products.

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