There Are Three Major Considerations For The Quality Of Solid Wood Composite Doors

There Are Three Major Considerations For The Quality Of Solid Wood Composite Doors

Date:Jan 18, 2021

When consumers choose solid wood composite doors, manufacturers and distributors often use words such as "beautiful", "environmental protection" and "not easily deformed" when recommending products. Is the introduction by the merchant reliable? Can the solid wood composite door products achieve good quality, beautiful appearance and environmental protection? Dalian Golden House Door & window Consultant believes that the three elements cannot be ignored when considering the value of solid wood composite doors.

One: environmental protection

Whether the selection of materials meets the national environmental protection standards, the main control indicators are the formaldehyde emission of MDF and multilayer board and the toluene emission of paint. The state stipulates that the formaldehyde emission of density boards and multilayer boards used for the appearance of products should meet the E1 environmental protection standards. The E1 environmental protection standard is a popular environmental protection standard in Europe. The standard stipulates that the formaldehyde emission less than 2.0mg/L is a qualified product. The paint materials used for product coating must also meet the national environmental protection standards. The current standard for toluene content of paint materials is less than 1.5mg/L.

Second: Materials

Yitong Home Furnishing consultant introduced the solid wood composite door because its interior is made of composite material, which is a five-layer symmetrical dislocation laminated composite material. The stable wood property can effectively avoid cracking and deformation. However, the solid wood composite door also has the problem of easy damage, especially when the thickness of the veneer attached to the surface is thin, it is more likely to be damaged. For example, some manufacturers use ordinary 0.3mm veneer on the surface of the solid wood composite door, because the thickness is thin and it is easy to be damaged; if the imported solid wood chip with a thickness of 0.6mm is used, it is relatively better. At the same time, if the thickness of the solid wood veneer is too thin, it will easily produce glue penetration and glue penetration, which will affect the appearance and quality of the solid wood composite door.

Third: Process

Cold pressing process: The application of cold pressing process to the solid wood composite door can avoid the increase of internal stress of the material and the change of moisture content, and effectively ensure the stability of the product.

Engraving process: manual engraving is better than machine engraving. Products that are hand-carved are more visually and tactilely more realistic and have a great collection value. Each pattern of the product is carefully carved by the engraver, vivid and beautiful, not as rigid as machine carving.

Painting process: When evaluating the quality of solid wood composite doors, paint is one of the factors that must be considered. It directly affects the texture, feel, environmental protection, durability, and yellowing resistance of solid wood composite doors. Yitong Furniture Home Consultant introduced that the paint used for solid wood composite doors currently on the market is generally polyester paint and nitrocellulose paint, and a few manufacturers use PU paint. The coating process of these three types of paints has to go through six processes of Grace color finding and three bottoms and three sides. In order to make the product surface more solid and beautiful, some companies have added curing and waxing processes in the coating. Generally speaking, if it is not deliberately hit with a sharp object, this kind of painted product is not easy to damage, even if it is damaged, it is easy to repair.

At the same time, Dalian Golden House Door and Window Manufacturing Company reminds consumers that when purchasing solid wood composite doors, they should also pay attention to the color of the wooden door product should be closer to the color of the furniture, and be consistent with the dumb opening of the window cover. The window cover is dumb, skirting board), and the wall color must have a corresponding contrast to ensure the harmony and beauty of the home decoration color.

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