Company's Product Got The Certificate

- Apr 24, 2019-

All GH doors and frames have been fire tested in accordance with UL 10B, UL 10C, NFPA252, and ASTM E-2074 and are all produced under FM Approval and Warnock Hersey/ITS factory inspection and labeling service program.

Fire door inspection and certification:

Warnock Hersey certification, based on fire doors, fire plate, aluminum and other non-electrical building materials

Fire door inspection and certification:

WH-us&c (north American market) : refer to UL 10C, UL 10B, UBC 7-2, ASTM E2074, NFPA 252, CAN/ULC S104.

WH- UK (European market) : refer to EN 1634-1, bs476-22.

BS is a fire door test standard BS476-22.

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