Market Prospects For Fire Doors

Market Prospects For Fire Doors

Date:Oct 17, 2019

According to the present situation of the development of Chinese fire door industry comprehensive national bureau of statistics, ministry of commerce, ministry of industry, industry association and other authorities publish statistical information and statistical data, mix yearbook data types, and various types of financial media information data, various commercial database information data, relying on a strong research and investigation team, the fire door industry development status and prospects of the independent, guided by the principle of fairness and openness, wrote "2010-2015 China fire door industry market development trends and prospects of investment analysis report, a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the market situation and development trend of fire door industry, Can provide valuable and instructive results for enterprises and institutions to deeply and carefully understand the market situation of fire door industry.

With the rapid development of our country's economy, especially in recent years, the sustained and stable development of the machinery industry, to the fire door industry to bring rare opportunities for development, fire door products in the national economy in various sectors belong to the application of a wide range of products. According to relevant departments according to the survey, the proportion of the fire door products used in each of the main industries are: building and a 38.08% 15.93%, light industry, environmental protection and a 7.52% 6.79%, mine, metallurgy, ship 4.58%, cement 3.96% 6.67% 3.87%, electric power, subway and tunnel share of 2.95% (3.79%), textile, coal, chemical industry 2.21%, oil 1.28%, 2.26% 0.1% fire door device. However, fire door products have not been involved or will be involved in many areas, that is, fire door products potential market. So, which areas are potential markets for fire door products, and how big is the demand for fire door products in these markets? It is understood that the following areas in the next few years to fire door product demand will increase.

(1) technical improvement project of new dry method clinker(2) comprehensive utilization of coal gangue(3) flue gas desulfurization(4) clean briquette demonstration project(5) waste incineration cogeneration(6) energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources in metallurgical industry(7) coal injection transformation of blast furnace(8) CDQ process(9) clean gas chemical engineering(10) combined cycle of blast furnace gas and steam(11) deep processing of fruits and vegetables(12) fire door for greenhouse(13) ventilation of the poultry house(14) technical transformation of heat treatment industry(15) coking technical transformation project

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