Color Wooden Doors Are Sought After

Color Wooden Doors Are Sought After

Date:Aug 31, 2020

In addition to the natural wood doors, blue, purple, and white "color wooden doors" appeared in the market. White wooden doors made of water canal willow and oak are more common, suitable for modern and simple decoration style. But the "color wooden doors" that appear today are very eye-catching. At first glance, they thought they were not wooden doors, but they were still solid wooden doors when they came closer. The wooden texture can still be clearly seen even after painting. Because of the bold color, many people who are new to the market find it a bit dazzling, but the colorful wooden doors are suitable for those cartoon-shaped and gorgeous color decoration styles, and they are more and more sought after by the market.

Although the stressful life makes people demand a simple, clear and clean life, without all the extra decorations, attention to the locks of wooden doors is increasing day by day. Like the style of wooden doors, door locks are the finishing touch. There are bright styles and European classical styles. The quality and function of hinges are also the focus of competition among various businesses. A good hinge can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and height. After using it for a long time, the wooden door sinks and can be adjusted freely.

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