Choose Steel Or Wood Fire Doors

Choose Steel Or Wood Fire Doors

Date:Sep 04, 2020

In China, fire door according to the different division of material, secondary wood fire door and steel fire door two kinds, there are also steel and wood fire door and other material of fire door, but use very little, 80% of the market is steel fire door, 15% is wood fire door. The wood fire door is a kind of door with the wood as the frame data, the external filling fire-resistant data, so that it has the function of flame retardant. Steel fire doors have the exact opposite external fillings to wooden fire doors, except that the door frames and doors are made of steel.


1. Steel fire doors

Fire door fire limit

According to the fire door standard, according to the outbreak of fire limit time of the different, wood fire door and steel fire door distinguish divided into three fire door level, a fire door (fire limit 1.5h), B fire door (fire limit 1.0h) and C fire door (fire limit 0.5h).

2. Wooden fire doors

Wood fire doors are easier to crack, peel and damp in a short time than steel fire doors. Hunan fire door manufacturers suggest that we give priority to steel fire doors when purchasing fire doors.

Which is better, a wood fire door or a steel fire door

Although say two kinds of doors can reach certain fireproof limit time specification, but because the reason of material is in when breaking out fire, of steel fire door extinguish integrity, fluctuation can be more outstanding. But on the hourly calculation of refractory time premise, fire evacuation two fire doors can provide time can completely satisfy the general situations, so when choosing wooden fire door and steel fire door more in daily practice for selection purposes, generally speaking, the construction of external secondary is given priority to with wood fire door, steel fire door more internal configuration. Generally speaking, the service life of wooden fire doors is not as good as that of steel fire doors.

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