Certification Testing Of Timber Fire Doors

Certification Testing Of Timber Fire Doors

Date:Mar 03, 2019

Certification testing of timber fire doors

To determine the FD rating of fire doors, the manufacturers have their fire doors assessed by subjecting them to a test procedure as specified in BS 476-22:1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014. Tests are made on complete fire door sets: ie. the fire door and door frame with all the requisite hardware (e.g. locks, latches, hinges, etc). The door set, as it is also known, is fixed in a wall representing its use in practice. The test procedure is fully described in the Standard and consists of exposing one face of the door to the heat conditions anticipated in a fire while observing the door for stability and integrity. The Standard requires the tests to be carried out with the upper part of the door under a small positive pressure, to simulate the conditions likely to occur in a fire. It also provides an objective method of establishing the loss of integrity of a fire door by the use of a combustible fibrous pad on the unexposed side of the door to see when it ignites. As a fire door should be tested from each side to establish its performance with either face exposed to fire conditions, two specimens are required. It is reasonable to assume that all fire doors and door frames manufactured to the same specification as the two specimen doors and frames will then achieve the same fire resisting properties.

Fire resisting doors – door type for means of escape purposesIntegrity
Minutes [1]
Minutes [2]
Half-hour fire-resisting3030
One-hour fire-resisting6060

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