Can The Wooden Door Be Washed With Water?

Can The Wooden Door Be Washed With Water?

Date:Dec 09, 2020

Wooden doors are now a necessity in every household, and the daily cleaning of wooden doors is also indispensable. Many people understand that cleaning a wooden door is simply wiping the surface of the wooden door with a rag, but this method only wipes away the dust on the surface. How can we really wipe it clean? Here are some ways to clean wooden doors, let's take a look.

1. Washing method with rice water: scrub the wooden door with thick and white rice water to make the door clean and bright.

2. Scrub with strong tea water: make a pot of strong tea and remove the residue after cooling. Use a soft cloth dipped in tea juice to scrub the painted surface of the wooden door several times, so that the faded wooden door can restore its luster; if the surface of the wooden door is stained with oil, use hot tea juice It can be removed and kept tidy.

3. Salt water scrubbing: The wooden door gets dirty and greasy over time, and it can be scrubbed with salt water to restore its original color.

4. Scrubbing with camphor oil: Take a small amount of sewing machine oil and drop it on a soft cloth, wipe it repeatedly on the wooden door, and then wipe it dry with a clean soft cloth. The paint surface is bright and smooth.

The above are some methods of how to clean wooden doors, simple and efficient, friends in need can try the above methods.

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