Application Of Hospital Door

Application Of Hospital Door

Date:May 13, 2019

We know that the main place of medical door is the public space of hospital. For the special place of hospital, the traffic of people is large, the patients are dense, and it is easy to collide or cross-infection. So when we choose the medical door, we should consider several points as follows:

1. Safety performance, durability

Safety and durability are the primary factors in choosing medical doors. How can we choose safe and durable medical doors? First of all, the material of medical door is wood door, resin door, composite plate door, steel door, etc. From these materials, in recent years, the construction of hospitals have chosen steel door, qualified medical steel door surface material is hot-melt galvanized steel plate using fluorocarbon paint, antimicrobial static powder spraying.

2. Production Technology

The production process is related to the service life of the door, but also affects the safety. For example, the lock fastener and hinge of the door can not be easily loosened, and the corner areas need to be handled by fillet transition. Screws, rivets and welding fixtures can not be used around the door, because the opening frequency of the hospital door is high, if the screw is loose and the solder joint falls off, there will be safety problems. High-end steel door and fan of Sieger hospital is basically a seamless process of integral molding; the door frame is equipped with an embedded sealing buffer strip, which is easy to disassemble in the later stage.

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