A Brief Introduction To The Bathroom Folding Door

A Brief Introduction To The Bathroom Folding Door

Date:Jan 07, 2021

As housing prices remain high, many people will choose small apartments. The small-sized bathroom is relatively small. In order to save space, convenient and compact folding doors have naturally become a popular choice.

Introduction of folding door for bathroom

The folding door of the bathroom is actually a door that can be folded into several sections together. This type of door can save a lot of space when opened, and it occupies a small area. If the room with small space opens the door, it will jam the wall In this case, you can also choose a folding door.

The working principle of folding doors

It is pushed by slippage, which promotes the folding effect. That is to say, folding doors mainly rely on pulleys to achieve this kind of fruit. However, in the bathroom, water vapor is sufficient all year round. Over time, the degree of corrosion damage to the pulleys will be greater, and it will be more difficult to open the folding doors.

Toilet folding door classification

Toilet folding doors are divided into side-hanging folding doors and sliding folding doors. Generally, multiple folding doors can be moved to the side. This kind of toilet folding door takes up less space. It has novel style, beautiful appearance, convenient use, and effectively saves the space occupied by the door. And this kind of folding door has the characteristics of light weight, heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture resistance and so on. It is not easy to get oil, easy and quick to install, long service life and convenient maintenance.

How about the bathroom folding door

The bathroom is a place for washing and urinating. It is a special place in the indoor specialization. The partition between the bathroom and the living room must be very good, otherwise the smell of the bathroom is likely to run out and affect the entire room surroundings. Therefore, the choice of bathroom door is particularly troublesome, but when choosing a folding door as a bathroom door, friends only need to consider whether the folding door can function as a good partition and is easy to clean. In the editor's opinion, folding doors are still a very good choice for bathroom doors. Bathroom folding doors save space. For small bathrooms, it is good to choose the one that shrinks left and right.

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