Fire Door with steel Frame

Fire Door with steel Frame

The interior filling material of fire door basically has: wool of rock wool, aluminous silicate fiber, perlite, silicon calcium fire prevention board. The main accessories of the fire door are smoke strip (smoke effect), door closer (maintain the closed state of the door, such as used in the...


Frames are manufactured to accommodate any wall condition, including masonry, steel and wood stud. A wide variety of frame anchors are available. Stock Widths: 2’0″ to 4’0″ – Heights: 6’8″ to 8’0″

Available KD (3-Piece Knock Down) or WGS (Assembled, Welded and Ground Smooth) 
Manufactured from Cold Rolled Steel (Galvanized Available) 
16 Gauge Steel Standard (14 and 12 Gauge Available) 
Exact Fit Mitered Corners
Fire-Rated- 20 Minute to 3 Hour UL or Warnock Hersey Label
4-inch to 13-inch Jamb Depth
Prime Painted Gray- Factory Applied, Baked On

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