Adjustable Steel Frame

adjustable steel frame are designed to accommodate the broadest range of wall construction with a single adjustable product. Users of this product is the best of its kind on the market today. The frames can be used in wall thicknesses ranging from 4-7/8’’ to 7-7/8’’. These easy to install frames are manufactured of 16 gage A40 galvanneal steel.

Adjustable steel frame

A door frame with adjustable width, which consists of two frames and an upper cross frame. The two frames and the upper frame are made up of two door panels and a cover plate respectively. In the two door hinge fixates, a regulating plate and a "Z" fixed frame are arranged in order from the inside to the outside; one end of the adjustment plate is equipped with a screw hole through a screw to the door. 

One end of the fan hinge fixed frame is connected, the adjustment plate is provided with a long strip hole, the two adjustment plates are superimposed each other, and a regulating frame is set in the cover plate. The two ends of the adjustment frame are fixed with the screw holes through the screws and the two ends of the cover plate; the two ends of the "Z" shaped fixed frame are set at each end, and each side of the fixed frame under the cover plate is set at one end of the two door hinge fixed frame under the cover plate. 

The screw hole is used to match the bolt holes on the end of the "Z" fixed frame and the strip holes on the adjusting frame and fixed by bolts. The screw holes on the other end of the "Z" shaped fixed frame are matched with the long holes on the adjusting plate and fixed by the bolts. The width of the doorframe can be adjusted according to the thickness of the wall.

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