Wooden Fire Rated Door

The wooden fire rated door is a commom style. This door is used for hotel. Aesthetic and noble is the biggest feature of this door.


Overall 1-3/4'' minimum(44.5mm) with solid core in a high density mineral fire board. Door set tested and certified as fire rated from 20 mins to 90 mins.

Suitable door set for apartments, offices,hotels,schools,hospitals and commercial buildings.Door surface are laminate.All the constructions are popular standard.


Solid wood jamb (fire rated 20 mins) and metal jamb (fire rated 90 mins) available. Adjustable architrave available.

Adjustable metal jamb available.

Hot transfer wooden veneer painting on metal jamb available.All USA standard anchor on jamb available.



Lock:(electronic lock,mortise lock,dead lock,knob lock),

Hinge:( ball-bearing hinge,spring hinge)

Closer:(mounted closer,concealed closer)

Other: push and pull plate, press bar, single panic bar,double panic bar,kick plate,threshold,viewer,wire glass.

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