The Wooden Fire Rated Door Free Sample

Wood fire door composition and structure: wooden fire door is made of wooden material to make door frame, door leaf frame and door leaf panel. If the door leaf is filled with materials, it will be filled with fireproof materials that are non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and are equipped with fireproof hardware components. A door with certain fire resistance.
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Fire doors are one of the fire-proof separation facilities of buildings. They are usually used on firewalls, stairwell entrances or openings in pipe wells, and play an important role in reducing fire damage.Fire doors are classified according to materials and can be divided into steel fire doors, wooden fire doors, steel wood fire doors and other materials. Although wooden fire doors are not as demanding as steel fire doors, their average price is higher than steel fire doors.Although wooden fire doors are not as demanding as steel fire doors, their average price is higher than steel fire doors.What are the production requirements for wooden fire doors?Production requirements for wooden fire doors:1.Doorleaf thickness:Greater than or equal to 45 mm2.Max inner frame size:2500mm*2500mm 3.Min.frame width:No Less than 80 mm 4.Single rabbet or double rabbet frame 5.Max.frame width:Equal to wall thickness 6.Filling Core:Mineral Fireboard The wooden fire rated door-It can be used in a 20 minute hotel,a 60 minute commercial business center,or in a 90 minute stairwells. All the cutouts on lock(card reader,rim exit devices,cylindrical lock and mortise lock),hinge,closer,etc,all conforms to North American standard.It can be Flush type,Narrowed glass/Vision glass,louver,raised panel or flat panels type.Paint grade stained painting,clear lacquer finish or white primer paint.Fire rated frames,it can be steel fire rated frame,or wood fire rated jambs.When the look and feel of a jamb to match your door is desired in a fire rated application, fire rated frames are an ideal fit.Available in customized widths and pre-primed/pre-machined,each frame can be fire rated in ratings of 20,45,60 and 90 minutes.