The Steel Fire Rated Door In Chian

Steel fire door composition and structure: steel fire door is made of steel material for door frame, door leaf frame and door leaf panel. If the door leaf is filled with materials, it will be filled with fireproof materials that are non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and equipped with fireproof hardware accessories. A door having a certain fire resistance.
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Product Details

Steel Type for Fire Rated Door

A, Thickness

1, 16GA (1.4mm-1.5mm) for frame

2, 18GA (1.1mm-1.2mm) or 20GA (0.9mm-1.0mm) for Door

B, Steel Material

1, Cold rolled Steel  (CRS) 

(Cheap, no good for rush proof)

2, Galvanized Steel (GMS) 

(normal price, good for rush proof)

3, Galvanealed Steel            

(little high price, very good for rush proof, Don’t need painting in Canada.)

4, Hot Rolled Steel  (HRS)

(Use for thicker Reinforcement)

5, Stainless Steel  (SS)
(Expensive,  SS201, SS304, SS316)

Filling Core

Honeycomb Core              Polystyrene Core             Mineral Fireboard Core

          (HC)                               (PC, PS)                              (MFB, MB)

Honeycomb Core 

(Standard Type, Cheaper, Lighter, can use for different painting)


Polystyrene Core 

(Standard Type, Cheaper, Lighter, Keep Warm, can not use for Powder Coating)


Mineral Fireboard Core

(Expensive, Heavy, Middle East, European Standard, STC and thermal insulation)