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Common fire door with louver and wire glass
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As everyone knows,the fire door is a door that meets the requirements for fire resistance stability and integrity within a certain period of time. In addition to the function of ordinary doors, fire doors have the function of preventing the spread of fire and the spread of smoke, which can prevent the spread of fire for a certain period of time and ensure the evacuation of personnel.

The fire-proof door is equipped with a wire-reinforced glass that is specially designed for fire prevention and smoke diffusion. The main function is that when a fire escapes, the escaped person can open the door in panic and escape to see if there is someone on the opposite side of the door to avoid knocking down people.

The reason why the blinds are installed on the fire door is that the function of the indoor air or other gas exhaust gas can be better discharged.

Even in the event of a fire, the blinds on the fire door are made of steel and have a fireproof function. In general, the blinds on our windows are mainly for ventilation and aesthetics, and are mainly made of wood.