Commercial Fire Doors With Glass & Louvers

Commercial Fire Doors With Glass & Louvers

GH is a leading manufacturer of steel doors and frames and has one of the largest production facilities in the industry. Using only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques, GH produces metal doors and frames in a wide variety of sizes, gauges, and styles to meet the full range of safety, security and aesthetic requirements. GH products are WHI/FM/UL Certified and the meet USA standards.

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  1. Insulated Polystyrene Core Doors

  2. Two warehouses in America and Canada.

  3.  A complete line of products for fire doors

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Q: What is your main product?

A: The main products we produced is fire rated steel and wood door. Also included many styles, such as hung window, shutter window, sliding window and so on. In another word, we can customize as per customers’ request.

Q: How can I know your price?

A: The price is based on buyer's specific requirement, so please provide below information to help us quote exact price to you.
1) Shop drawing / window schedule to show the window dimensions, quantity and type; 
3) Type of
door and thickness (single or double or laminated or others) and color

Q: What is the standard size of your windows and doors?

A: Our product is customized. We always manufacture doors according to buyer's dimensions.

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