Steel Fire Door With Vision

Steel Fire Door With Vision

The steel fire door with vision is used in KTV and floor door more.The biggget trait is the fireproof glass.

The steel fire door with vision is be used in KTV  and floor door more.Details as below:

High strength plate, environmental protection, low formaldehyde, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and deformation, fine processing.

It has lot of advantages as below:

1,Environmental protection of the lacquer that bake;

2,International Standard,WHI,FM,UL,fire rated time up to 90 mins.

3,Fireproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant;

 Colors will follow customer's requirement.

Door opening Right Hand inactive.

 flush bolt  and closer,Hinger,cylinder lock is  in UL listed.

The glass can use tempered glass or wire glass.

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