Fire Rated Metal Door In Exit Location

Fire Rated Metal Door In Exit Location

fire rated metal door in exit location To decommission a fire-rated door, Fire Door Solutions can place a label over the affixed fire- rated label that informs the public of the change in purpose for the door. The sample decommissioning label to the right has adhesive on both ends to cover the affixed fire-rated label, but not deface it in case of future re-purposing as a fire-rated door on a fire or smoke barrier.
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Product Details

Position: Residential and Commercial

Surface treatment: primer paint/finish paint/powder coating/ wooden finish

Color: Customized

Type : Customized

Door material: Galvanized Steel/ CRS

Core: Honeycomb/ Polystyrene/ Mineral board

Size: Customized

Delivery time: Around 30-45 days