Hospital Patient Clean Room Steel Doors

In a hospital or medical center, the door of the ward should be light, and you can choose to open it larger. The hospital door frame is very important inside and should be made of metal, not wood. If you are looking for the ward steel door, you have come to the right place.

Hospital patient Clean room steel doors

China supplier hospital patient Clean room door interior steel doors

Hospital patient door advantage:

1. There are no scratches or bumps on the surface of the entire door.

2. The color is consistent with customer requirements, and there is no obvious color difference. The color is clear and the wood grain is clear.

3. The color of the whole batch of doors is the same, there is no obvious color difference. Ensure that the hospital door design meets the requirements

4. The surface of all hospital door covers has no defects such as depressions, shrinkage holes, edges, skin wrinkles, line angles basically consistent with the surface, and wear.

5. The size of the door of the ward is the same as the size of the hole.

6. The color on both sides of the sliding door of the ward is even, no significant difference

7. There are no obvious processing traces on the coating surface, and no coloring defects.

8. Produce according to drawings and processing technology, actual materials.

9. The gate of the hospital is flat, square, and must not be warped. Meet the tolerance requirements (national standards).

10. The combination of product parts is tight, firm, seamless and without movement.

11. Hinge installation is not inclined, punch the hole according to the mold, and the lock hole position is accurate.

12. The line shape is uniform; the groove depth is the same without bending.

13. Whether the installation gap of the door panel is uniform and meets the requirements, and the installation of the door cover is not skewed.

14. The door leaf is flexible, no noise, and meets the requirements of all doors in the hospital


Golden House (GH)



Door Size (single)

 standard width up to 4'0"(1200mm ) Height  up to 8'0"(2440mm);

customized size is available .

Leaf thickness:1 3/4" standard ( 44.5mm )

Frame jamb depth:100-300mm

Door size (Double)

Maximum size is 8'x8'(2440x2440mm)

Door leaf sheet

20Ga-18Ga (1.0/1.2mm).customized level is available

Door frame sheet

16Ga.(1.5mm) ,customized level is available


swing /inward or outward


flush panel/vision lite /louver

Material of leaf and frame

cold roll steel or Galvanized Steel or Galvannealed Steel

Filling material

Honeycomb,Polystyrene,Mineral Fire Board

Surface finish

factory Primer /finsih paint/power coated/wood grain finished 


RAL color system or be customized as well

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