Embossed Steel Commercial Doors

The type of door is a common type. The collage students'dormitory in most countries ues this kind of steel fire rated door.

The material of this type door is galvanized steel.
The thickness of door is 45mm(1.75 inch),the door skin is 20GA(0.9mm) or 18GA(1.1mm),the frame is 16GA(1.5mm).

The hardware has the hinge ,closer  and lock .The colour mainly is painting and power coating.If your country's climate is relatively dry ,we advise you to adopt power coating.In contrast ,you should use the painting.

The widths up to and including 4 inch.

The heights up tp and including 8 inch.

Available with polystyrene core or honeycomb core.

The type of  the door is 2 panels. Of couse, we have else types ,such as glass,louver, narrow glass and so on.

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