Buy The Hardware Of The Fire Rated Door

The main hardware components for fire doors are locks, closers and hinges.
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As we all know, fire doors not only have the function of ordinary doors, but more importantly, in the event of fire, it has the function of preventing the spread of fire and the spread of smoke.I think this is the case, the hardware that the fire door is equipped with is also very important. To a certain extent, these hardware accessories directly determine whether the function of the fire door can be fully realized.For example, the door closer allows the escaper to open the door in panic and escape, and the door will automatically close, which will prevent the fire from spreading and ensure the safe escape of personnel.Hinge, no need to introduce more. Because both the fire door and the ordinary door must have a hinge that allows the door to open and close normally.Locks, whether ball locks, mortise locks, locks or other locks, are fireproof. The hardware required for fire doors in different countries is also different.In short, there are many kinds of hinges, locks and door closers. Different customers have different requirements for the specific types of fire doors and hardware.