6 X 6 Inch Fire Galvanised Steel Access Door Panel

6 X 6 Inch Fire Galvanised Steel Access Door Panel

The Access Door panel refers to the door body installed at the pipe shaft in the building. The safety of the pipeline well is directly related to the use of electricity, water and communications in the entire building. Therefore, fireproof access doors must be used for pipes and wells, and galvanised steel access doors with a fire resistance rating of not less than 0.5 hours should be selected.

6 X 6 inch Fire galvanised steel Access Door panel

duct access doorfire access door

s-l1600 (12)

Access Door panel Application:
1.Ceilings and walls of building, hotels, shopping malls, hospital, school, office, house and etc indoor decoration
2.Central air conditioning system
3.Access ductwork or pipe work above the light fixtures , vents , fire fighting 
pipeline, bathroom pipeline, etc.


Access Door panel Specification:
1.Steel sheet access panel for wall or ceiling application
2.White powder-coated finish or coating in special colors, provides high durability and corrosion protection. 
3.The four riveted, swiveling wall anchors guarantee a secure hold in walls and ceilings. Adjustable mounting holes andanchors fasten frame to studs, stone or brick.
4.Concealed snap touch latch. 
5.The door leaf can be left or right opened. Concealed hinge mechanism door can be moved out. 
6.Simple installation in studs or ceiling. No further painting required.
7.Good value for all plumbing, electrical, mechanical applications.
8.High-class quality, perfect design, light weight but strong bearing capacity, no rusting and keeping forms.Mildew resistant, corrosion proof.

Concealed Drywall access door


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