Your Responsibility

Date:Sep 18, 2018

Everyone involved in the life of a fire door, from its specification to maintaining it in use, is responsible for protecting property and saving lives. But all too often we rely on the next person to do his job and get it right.

Our 'Circle of Responsibility' ensures that everyone recognises what their role is. If you are in the circle - you have responsibilities for fire doors.

Or view the video "Fire Safety - It's YOUR Responsibility! " on this page to see what you need to know 

The Archtect or Specifier

You have the power to prevent decisions which might be based on cost, rather than safety, being taken further down the line.

Developer /Contractor

You often have the choice either to use the cheapest option available, or take the responsibility for ensuring the safety of the occupants and insist on certification by using third party accredited products.

Building contractors always feel the pressure to bring a job in, on, or under, budget. Choosing cheaper untested products may save your customer money, but if a fire breaks out it will cost far more in lives and property.

The Merchant

Only stock and sell 3rd party accredited and certified doors, frames and other components

Ensure your staff are aware of their responsibilities when advising customers

There are over 100 Approved Fire Door Centres whose staff are trained to understand fire doors, their components and the relevant building regulations. 

The Door Installer or Fitter

Building Control / Approved Inspectors / Fire departments

You bear the final responsibility for checking and assessing fire doors as part of the signing-off procedure for the building. The only way the fire door will work correctly and comply with its certificate is if it replicates the original test.

Owners / Facilities Managers /Other 'responsible persons'

In line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order you must ensure fire doors work correctly and are properly maintained.

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