What material is woodiness fire door qualitative

Date:Apr 17, 2019

First wood to fire, the use of course is not the ordinary wood, log mainly adopts willow eucalyptus wood, mongolica, masson pine, fir, etc relatively high hardness of wood, and then through a special process for flame retardant processing, wood flame retarding methods are: spraying, soaking, cooking method, the method of vacuum, vacuum pressure method.Generally the vast majority of fire door manufacturers mostly adopt cooking method for flame retardant treatment.

Secondly, the more main fire door internal stuffing, in addition to the flame retardant treatment of wood, wood fire door internal filling inlaid with heat insulation, non-combustible fire materials, the current use of the main perlite, with heat insulation, fire, dust, moisture and other characteristics, is the fire door material is not two products.In addition, there are two fireproof boards pressed inside the outer plate of the door leaf and door frame, which increases the fireproof performance of the whole product.

Also need to point out is, according to the national regulations on fire door new standards for class a fire door refractory limit 1.5 hours of class b fire door fire resistance for 1 hour, class c fire door fire endurance 0.5 hours, when given here are under certain conditions, whether the wooden fire door and fire prevention is steel fire door said, is not to say that directly to burn with fire door, the door in the fire, there is a certain distance, main is to prevent the spread of thermal radiation, fire door to control the spread of smoke.

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