Wooden fire door installation requirements

Date:Jan 11, 2021

If you really want to set up a wooden fire door as a fire protection device, it is best to choose a swing door during installation. After all, the swing door is the most flexible and self-closing function. In this way, if there is a fire, the speed of escape will be much faster. It is forbidden to use non-flame retardant materials for inlay filling in the case of insufficient sealing during installation to avoid threats to fire doors. Compared with steel materials, wooden materials are more prone to deformation and cracking, so after installing wooden fire doors, it is best to apply dry oil to protect the surface of the wooden door, so as to prevent damp deformation and fire. Can play a good fire performance.

Installation method of wooden fire door

step1: Before installation, coordinate the size of the door frame and the size of the opening. Basically, the size of the door frame should be less than 20mm of the door hole, so that the installation can ensure smooth installation and the gap after installation will not be too large;

step2: The lower foot of the door frame needs to be buried about 20mm below the ground, so that the door frame can appear stable and this size will not cause too much trouble to our passers-by;

step3: When installing the door frame, it must be fixed before the wall and the vertical angle must be maintained, so as to ensure the stability of the door frame installation;

step4: Then there is the vertical angle. When the vertical angle is erected, the problem of the straight angle should be paid attention to. The straight angle needs to be strictly required to be the same angle, and it is best not to plan the saw;

Step5: Finally, fix each point. The fixed points on both sides of the door frame cannot be less than three, and both should not be greater than 800mm, so that the wooden fire door can be stabilized.

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