Wood fire door installation process details

Date:May 06, 2019

1. Preparation:

(1) open the door direction: if you choose to install the door, you must first clear the opening direction of the door;

(2) check the level and verticality of the doorway;

(3) check whether the wall is completely dry. The door and door frame should be horizontally stacked and separated from the heat source (including direct sunlight) with a cushion plate to avoid heat deformation;The indoor air of the storage door should be dry and ventilated to prevent the door from getting damp;Do not hit the door with force. Do not hang heavy objects on the door.

(4) before construction, please ensure that the wall part of the installation door is in a horizontal and vertical state.If there is not a smooth place, repair first, otherwise it may bring later construction defects.

(5) prepare the installation tools. Please read the installation instructions in the product package in detail before installation.

2. Measurement data:

Measure and estimate the installation size of door opening and door leaf:

Door size: 2100 800 40 2100 700 40mm

Door thickness = standard is 38mm40mm45mm

Door height = -5 to 10mm door height

Door width = empty inside door frame - door leaves gaps

Door width = door width + door liner width

Door width = door width + door leaf reserved gap + thickness of door frame motherboard + thickness of door frame fixed plate + adjustment amount of door frame

According to the size of the door, the height of the door shall be reduced by 10mm and the width shall be reduced by 15mm.

3. Start installation:

(1) mark the construction auxiliary line on the wall, and use 3mm, 5mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm large core board as the sole respectively (choose according to the wall thickness), and simulate and combine each part of the door frame until all parts are completely consistent.Put the door frame line into the wall hole. The door frame edge and the top of the door frame should be at a 45 degree Angle. Make sure that both sides of the door frame are parallel and vertical and the top of the door frame is horizontal (note that this step is extremely important!Otherwise, the door may not close after installation!.

(2) polish the convex and concave parts between the wall and the door frame after installing the door frame, fill the gaps, plaster the wall with mortar and stick bricks.

(3) determine the hinge mounting position of the door frame, and reserve appropriate gaps after marking corresponding positions on the door leaf.Process 2-3mm slots in the door and tighten the hinges with the supplied screws.The fire door www.021door.net door temporarily fixed in the corresponding installation position, and adjust to the correct position;Mark the fixed position of the hinge on the door frame, process the hinge groove on the door frame, connect the door leaf with the hinge and fix the hinge,

(4) install the lock hole plate box and lock hole plate of the door frame, so that the fire door door is installed.

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