Wood FIre door Installation method

Date:Apr 10, 2019

Installation method: fire door by material: there are steel fire doors and wood fire doors this two fire doors in the installation method there are some details on the different.It's a little bit different in terms of fire rating and you have to pay attention to the details when you install it.First of all, wooden fire doors in the installation, the size of the door frame should be less than the hole 20mm, the foot of the door frame buried in the ground under 20mm.Frame or frame, frame or frame should be paid attention to straight with Angle, avoid planing saw.The fixed point on both sides of the door frame is not less than 3, the spacing had better not be more than 800mm. Secondly, steel fire door in the installation process, considering the bending deformation of the door frame, to be in the width of the door frame with wood fang support up, the foot of the door frame buried in the ground under 20mm, and then the door frame and the embedded parts of the wall welding.Then in the door frame on the corner of the wall hole, pouring cement, sand, expanded perlite (1:2:5) concrete, such as concrete solidification can be used.Fireproof door has the requirement of airtight sex: national standard has clear requirement to the aperture size of each lap joint of fireproof door: to steel fireproof door, ask its fan and door frame lap joint must not be less than 10mm, the two side aperture between fan and door frame must not be more than 4mm.After the fire door is installed and closed, the gap should not be too large, otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the sealing performance of the fire door, and it is difficult to reflect its function of restraining fire and smoke spreading under fire conditions.Therefore, the fire door installation seam width must be strictly controlled.Install according to these standard norms, can assure the effective effect of fire door on certain level, consumer must be in when hiring construction unit one side is supervised, prevent them to cut corners wait for a problem to happen, such ability makes fire door won't cause the casualty of personnel when happening fire.

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