Why Sliding Glass Doors are a Security Pitfall

- Mar 03, 2019-

  • They are often unlocked

  • They advertise what’s in your home

  • They are made of tempered glass

  • Their locks are easily pick-able

  • They are often in your backyard, out of common view

Are you discouraged from buying that sliding glass door you’ve been dreaming of, now? We hope not. Let’s be real for a moment. Life is full of risk. Does that mean you should stay holed up inside and install large, steel doors throughout your house? We don’t think so!

The best way to mitigate risk is to acknowledge it, accept the potential for it, and prepare yourself for it with the help of a trusted partner, such as Great Valley Lockshop. If you really want that sliding door, then get it! We’ll help you address the security concerns that come along with the purchase.