Why should fire doors be made of steel?

Date:Sep 16, 2020


Steel fire door is a kind of public fire facilities, in the general family life is very difficult to reach, but it is an essential facility in public places. Steel fire doors are so important, so why should fire doors choose steel fire doors? The following [pu Yu industry] xiaobian to give you the reason.

First of all, steel fire door fire prevention effect is very good, steel first class fire door not only fire-resistant ability to reach 3h above, its ability to prevent smoke diffusion is also very strong. In the burning house, most of the victims were suffocated by the attack of smoke. The smoke insulation ability of the steel fire door greatly guaranteed the victims and won the time for rescue.

Secondly, steel fire doors are also very durable. Steel fire door is steel frame structure, the interior of the door is filled with fire retardant materials. This structure has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-collision and durability. It is not easy to be damaged when used in public places, and it can play a role in guaranteeing life at a critical moment.

Third, steel fire door safety is high

Steel fire door does not need painting, viscate and other processes, itself has the characteristics of environmental protection and no pollution, long-term use in public places will not cause environmental pollution, so the use of steel fire door in public places is very appropriate.

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