Why have your fire doors inspected and how?

Date:Dec 27, 2018

Why have your fire doors inspected?

• Legal obligations

• Social responsibility

• Protect escape routes to allow safe egress and save lives

• Protect the rest of the building from damage

• Asset protection and life protection

• Stay-put strategy (HMO housing and healthcare sector) and Staged Evacuation

• Fire & Rescue Services have the power to restrict use of your building or even close it down

• Prosecutions under the Fire Safety Order are often very punitive

• Fire doors are one of the most common non compliances

• Fire Safety Order Article 17 and Article 18

• Fitness for purpose and Competent Person


The fire door inspection process

• CertFDI fire door inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection

• Not just the condition of the doors but suitability, installation, configuration and compatibility of components

• Fire door inspections need particular specialist knowledge

• Incorrect hinges, door closers, glazed panels and even the wrong screws for example will greatly affect fire performance

• Door leaves mis-alignedor without correct fire and smoke seals will not perform

• Poor installation and maintenance = poor performancenspection of a fire door is about more than does the door close

• A fire door is not just a door leaf it is a set of different components that must perform together to hold backfire and smoke for a specified time period

• To perform correctly in a real life fire situation the fire door assembly must be installed and maintained to spec equal to the fire performance test

• A CertFDI inspectors nspection will verify whether this is the case The fire door inspection process

• CertFDI inspector is the Competent Person as referenced by the 2005 Fire Safety Order

• Up to 90 checks will be made during the inspection looking at up to 25 different components including hold-open devices, locks, latches, air transfer grilles, glazing, intumescentprotection, handles and fixing methods

• Suitability for door function and configuration will be inspected The fire door inspection process

• Full and comprehensive report issued to the client

• Any non-compliance sand necessary remedial work will be detailed

• Independent and impartial

• Inspectors bound by FDIS code of conduct

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