Why do public places choose steel fire doors

Date:Sep 22, 2020

1 Higher production system standards

   In order to prevent unnecessary disasters, scientists invented steel fire doors. This fire door uses steel as a material, and fireproof materials are added between the two doors. Play the role of fire prevention. The continuous development of technology makes the existing electronic fire doors more and more popular. When a fire occurs, this new type of fire door can be opened quickly to facilitate rescue, which is very practical. The production process of steel fire doors is very strict and has specific technical standards and specifications. Only fire doors that meet the relevant regulations are qualified.

2 Very easy to install

  The installation sequence or steps of steel fire doors made of special materials are very clear. Not only must there be a correct installation method, but also related accessories should be provided. After testing, it was found that the fire doors used in the project met the engineering design requirements. Fire doors can be determined by the architectural design department according to the geographic climate and surrounding environment of the building, as well as the height, shape and importance of the building. The test sample is consistent with the actual project. After the acceptance is passed, the construction quality can reach the standard.

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