Why can wooden fire doors be fireproof?

Date:Oct 14, 2020

Because the wood of the wooden fire door is fire-retardant, it can be fireproof. Its principle is: wood that has undergone fire-retardant treatment has become a flame-retardant material, and its fire resistance limit has been improved.

The commonly used fire-retardant treatment methods for wood include: spraying method, soaking method, cooking method, vacuum method, vacuum pressurization method, etc. The spraying method and the immersion method are generally applied to the wood surface that is no longer planed, and the flame retardant treatment of thin boards with a thickness of less than 10mm. The vacuum method and vacuum pressure method have excellent flame retardant effects, but their equipment is expensive.

Wooden fire door refers to the door frame, door leaf frame, door leaf panel made of wood or wood products, and the fire resistance limit reaches the building design fire protection code.

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