Which kind of fire door material is good

Date:Sep 16, 2020

1. Metal door panel

Metallic simple sense door plank basically includes the door frame of high-grade aluminium alloy that the craft such as frosting, chrome-plated waits for processing, some entrance door frame line has metal face printing wood grain, appearance is very beautiful. The core board is composed of frosted metal board and different types of glass, the surface has concave and convex texture, and the decorative effect is also very strong.

2. Painted door panels

Which kind of fire door material is good? Look again below bake lacquer door plank, the advantage of spray paint door plank is colour and lustre is bright-coloured, have very strong visual walit. However, the technical requirements of spray paint door panel is higher, high rejection rate, so the price is also expensive.

3. Fire door panel

Fire prevention board is at present the most commonly used material on the market pledges, everybody also can be more familiar with, fire prevention door plank basically is divided into two kinds. One kind is high pressure adornment fireproof board, have fire prevention, moistureproof, wear-resisting, easy clean, and design and color variety is more. The other is glass magnesium fire prevention board, the outer layer is decorative material, the inner layer is mineral glass magnesium fire prevention material, very resistant to high temperature, mainly used in the building exit passageway, stairwell and corridor more.


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