Where must fire doors be installed

Date:Sep 02, 2020

The fire door is a kind of protective equipment that appears in the factory manufacturing industry, entertainment venues, and some larger shopping malls. Its main function is to prevent the spread of flames when a fire occurs. Due to the exquisite workmanship of fire protection Doors are a facility that must be installed in many places, so we must know where fire doors must be installed.

1. Location of fire-resistant partition wall

Strong fire resistance is not only to meet the needs of fire safety, but also to ensure the safety of future buildings after completion. The fire-resistant partitions are generally the location of passages, and there is a need for entrance and exit, so fire doors need to be installed here, because generally They cannot play the role of fire prevention. Only high-quality and better-priced fire doors can be combined with fire resistance to achieve better protection.

2. Storage location of important items

Because no one can ensure that special circumstances will not happen, in order to improve the storage safety of important items, it is necessary to install fire doors in the forbidden places of these places, because doors with special functions can be sensitive to temperature and can also It has the effect of preventing theft, so fire doors are usually installed in places where combustible and other important items are prevented.

3. Fire-fighting facilities

According to relevant regulations and requirements, emergency fire-fighting facilities need to be installed and prepared in any building, and dedicated fire-fighting facility rooms are set up. In order to ensure that these equipment are not damaged when a fire strikes, then fire-fighting facilities are required. Special fire doors are installed and used in the rooms to ensure that the fire equipment in the fire facilities can be used normally when it is critical.

The purpose of installing and using fire doors is to prevent the spread of fire and protect the items inside the door from damage through its own characteristics. Therefore, in daily life, fire doors need to be installed in any facility, especially in buildings. In the location of the fire-resistant partition wall in the middle, where important items or combustible items need to be stored, install fire doors in places such as fire-fighting facilities.

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